• How to Write With Good Diction to Develop Style, Tone & Point

    Essay writing is certifiably not a simple ability to create in light of the fact that it requires information on various subjects and abilities to write in an articulate manner. At the point when you writer convincing and quality essays need a ton of planning, examination, and expertise. To write a solid essay with practically no phrasing mistake, you need to painstakingly create your arguments and construction them in a reasonable manner by applying all the assigned language structure rules.

    Close by the substance of your essay, formatting your document as indicated by a particular academic style is additionally a fundamental part in guaranteeing the nature of your essay. Each person who is related with academics should be talented in essay writing. Unfortunately, a couple of fortunate ones can excel at essay writing. Therefore, many people wind up battling with their essays.

    How to stay away from word usage mistake in an essay

    To add gravity to your substance, you must utilize solid phrasing. Your selection of words adds to the influential nature of your substance. In the event that you really want test paper writing by a specialist, you can likewise contact an academic paper writing service. Indeed! It is actually the case that by getting a free example paper you can likewise write a fantastic essay. In the accompanying segment, we have added some innovative thoughts or steps. By utilizing these you can advance the nature of your essays by staying away from any lingual authority blunders.

    Stage one: Be Careful of Homonyms

    Quite possibly the most well-known missteps that writer make is in the utilization of homonyms. These words with the same sound yet divergent in meanings can destroy the nature of your essay, in the event that not utilized with care. For instance, there and their, write and write, then, at that point, and than, are some normal homonyms that can be effortlessly befuddled. To guarantee that you haven’t committed any errors in this domain, it is smarter to completely peruse your document.

    Stage Two: Aim for Active Voice

    Another powerful method for working on your word usage in essays is to utilize dynamic voice sentences in your essays rather than aloof. Dynamic voice sentences permit you to offer revelatory expressions to persuade your crowd. Utilizing dynamic voice sentences, you assume responsibility for the assessment which you are expressing and become a functioning participant in the conversation. The solid, dynamic sentence additionally keeps the consideration of the perusers snared and its legitimate use can guarantee avoidance of lingual authority blunder.

    Stage Three: Make Correct Use of Synonyms

    Another stunt to lift the phrasing of your essay is to pay special attention to the utilization of equivalents. Sometimes your peruser may observer some ambiguities while perusing your essay on the off chance that the utilization of equivalent words isn’t right. It means you should be careful, and obviously, there are some guidelines that are only referred to by a professional essay writer as he is the one with long stretches of involvement and information. He would make a point to utilize an equivalent word that is relevant to sentence design and thought as opposed to utilizing it indiscriminately. Along these lines, he can stay away from any interruption and simply keep up with the familiarity of your argument.

    Stage Four: Do Not Use Complicated Jargons

    In the event that you are writing an essay without help from anyone else, you ought to try not to involve unprofessional or confounded language in your essay. Remember that you are writing for an overall crowd, who might not have the foundation information to understand your language. Essays with great word usage generally keep the language clear, basic, and straightforward. It is the single direction to accomplish your planned reason through your writing.

    Stage Five: Avoid Filler Content

    You should realize that distortion is not welcome in academic writing, for that reason it should be founded on genuine arguments. It means you really want to stay away from distortion in your essays at each cost. For instance, assuming writer can clarify something in 300 words, there is no compelling reason to extend it to 500. Downplay the filler content. Continuously ensure that you are effectively occupied with arguments all through your essays as it is a decent method for staying away from any word usage mistake. For instance, when I write my paper, I check my last document through rehashed peer-surveying. Sorting your missteps out in the utilization of homonyms manually is a more effective way than utilizing spell-actually take a look at programming.

    Stage Six; Don’t Overcomplicate

    Keeping your sentences short and fresh is a characteristic of a quality essay. In the event that you are utilizing extended sentences, you may forget to apply numerous language structure rules and this is the place where an expression mistake happens. An ineffectively organized sentence can distort the planned meaning. Essentially, the over the top utilization of convoluted jargon additionally compromises the nature of an essay. Keeping things basic and direct is the most ideal way to write a quality essay without a phrasing blunder.

    Stage Seven: Avoid Use of Cliches

    It is important to realize that essays are generally written in formal writing rather than informal. Therefore, keep away from the utilization of banality articulations in your writing. Be explicit and exact while expressing raw numbers. Try not to utilize metaphor (decorated or swelled articulations), for instance, I nearly sat tight for a century before you showed up. Here “hanging tight for a century” is an overstated articulation that should be tried not to in write essays to stay away from any potential expression mistakes.

    Here you go for certain top imaginative standards to further develop lingual authority of your essay. Since you have fostered a fair understanding of how to involve language for your essays, what are you hanging tight for? Get your pens and start writing.

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  • 8 Tips For Writing Attention Grabbing List Articles

    Understudies need to write and finish a few kinds of assignments in schools and colleges. Among many writings, a film audit is one where you really want to consider a wide range of cinematography utilized in that film; including what the concentration or lesson of the story was, whether or not the plot and content were elegantly composed, and how actors performed on screen. Sometimes writing a film survey can be troublesome on the grounds that you cannot do it merely by watching a film. You really want to think about such countless different guidelines also, decides that main a professional essay writer free has. For instance, in the event that you audit a film named “Interstellar” you ought to have earlier information about quantum physical science. I’m writing down some important hints and deceives. By following these you can foster an eye catching film survey.

    one in seven college students pay people to write essays' - OrissaPOST

    Fifteen hints and deceives to write a getting a handle on film audit

    Watch a Movie

    For a decent film analysis, you should watch the entire film rather than depending on currently composed analysis on the web. It would help you to get a handle on the thought and what was mentioned in the film. Be cautious during important scenes as you might need to stop and rewind for your notes.


    Write the primary concerns about the film plot whether or not it was provocative. Attempt to track down the class of it while watching a film. The plot is important in light of the fact that at whatever point I need to write my essay, I try to get a handle on the plot.

    Tone and Themes

    What was the focal objective of the film? Regardless of whether it was entertainment, mindfulness about an issue or education? How did the director utilize imagery to have a solid effect on the crowd? You really want to inspect this multitude of elements in your audit.

    Characters and Acting

    How were the characters depicted in the film and how much actors were joined to their characters? Whether or not they performed their positions well and where they needed?


    Which method the director used to recount the story? Regardless of whether it was too sluggish or too quick? How were the bearings equivalent to different films including the factor of anticipation and strain? You need to write everything down.

    Sensational Music

    You will take a gander at the idea of music utilized; whether or not it fascinated perspectives, whether or not music was viable with scenes.


    How the director utilized shots like lighting impacts and; whether or not they were cognizant and how the frames were planned in the film; write this large number of focuses in your audit.


    Attempt to analyze the enhancements and how trustworthy they were. Attempt to appreciate how well they were joined with film thoughts and themes.

    Search for buried subtleties

    The secret subtleties are vital for your audit with the goal that you can have a far reaching thought regarding the film. You can likewise incorporate foundation information about the plot like why the creator was captivated to add this particular detail. However, do not write too much so perusers do not lose interest.

    Spoiler alert

    At the point when you are portraying the plot, try not to write too much as you would indulge it for the peruser. It very well may be somewhat interesting to write what you want to write yet cannot because of its intricacy. Save yourself from inconvenience and recruit an academic professional essay writing service to write your audit. Indeed, you simply need to observe an academic and professional service that would convey you the assignment inside the cutoff time.

    Content alerts

    While surveying a film, make a point not to write anything horrible. An individual might get impacted mentally by unpleasant subtleties. On the off chance that such subtleties are important, write a sentence to caution them so they realize what is coming ahead. Your audit should not trigger the horrendous memories of your peruser with any by and large disturbing point of interest.

    Write a snare

    You can write a magnificent survey assuming you know how to make a fascinating snare. Remember that the survey isn’t tied in with summing up what is now composed, you really want to grab the peruser’s eye too. Ensure he does not look down from the audit and peruses it totally. Start each passage with fascinating sentences that would interest the peruser to understand more.

    Write your reasonable assessment

    The facts confirm that the entire audit isn’t about your perspective, yet you can incorporate your viewpoint relevant to an individual topic. However, you ought to just adopt a solitary point of view assessment rather than numerous ones.


    It is the main advance in your film survey. Whenever you have finished it, make a point to audit it more than once. Along these lines, you would have the option to discover some errors, linguistic, or underlying slip-ups.

    Out of box arrangement

    Your peruser may become befuddled in the event that your film survey isn’t clear. The most ideal way to do that is to employ a professional academic college essay writer to help you out from this predicament. You simply need to make a point to convey all relevant rules with the goal that he can write it well for you.

    You might feel turbulent during film analysis so partition all elements into sub-classifications so you can write an astonishing analysis. I’m writing down some pointers to follow while writing your analysis:

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  • Baby Steps: 10 Proven Tips to Write Better Essays in English

    Your topic ought to be easily proven wrong

    The main attribute of your argumentative topic is that it should be doubtful. It infers that there should be some space for banter. A quarrelsome issue can be handled from an assortment of angles. You have the choice of supporting or against the topic. There should be an adequate number of doubtful topics to investigate in the two situations. The best is to ask your partners and guardians to audit it for you. I’m certain they would discover some mix-ups. Moreover, you can generally get to an academic essay writer online and some of them give this office free of charge.

    SBI PO Essay Writing Tips for Descriptive English - Career Anna

    A disputable topic

    A decent essay topic ought to have a disputable component or idea. You can choose questionable issues from an assortment of social domains, like societies, religions, social orders, financial aspects, environment, human and animal privileges, governmental issues, and so on.

    Researchable topic

    The importance of supporting proof in an essay couldn’t possibly be more significant. It means you should choose a topic that can be investigated by adopting various means. You should have adequate information on earlier material and study on your picked issue to just concentrate the ideal academic proof for your essay.

    Engaging to individuals

    You ought to pick an essay topic that is connected with your crowd’s advantages. A topic that is irrelevant to the crowd’s advantages rapidly loses its appeal. A serious contending topic is one that spotlights on recent concerns. You should consider your crowd’s capability level notwithstanding their inclinations and then, at that point, pick a topic likewise.

    Do Preliminary exploration

    After you’ve picked your unique idea while remembering all of the aforementioned factors, the following stage is to lead primer examination before choosing a topic with the goal that you can decide its relevance. To get additional assistance in regards to investigate then you can generally find support from an academic online essay writing service. It would help you to write your essay by social event supporting proof and likely arguments.

    Peruse a ton

    You are in good company assuming you are contemplating how to start an essay with a bang. You should know that an amazing essay topic requires the introduction of precise and concise information. It’s just conceivable assuming that you read a ton. After you’ve settled on a topic, read something like five to seven books about it. Thusly, you’ll have the option to think about the subject from an assortment of points of view.

    Learn new words

    Each writer has a particular writing style, yet to obtain it, you should dominate new terms. Subsequently, your essay topic will stand out among your cohorts as it would be novel. It has a superior chance of grabbing your educator’s eye. The theme you pick will shift contingent upon the topic you pick.

    Relevant examination

    The key to starting an essay topic like a genius is to direct fitting examination. Observing suitable information could require days or even weeks. Ensure that you understand how to distinguish a hole in existing examination, really at that time you can pick a decent topic. Thusly, your essay will add to the production of new information provided that your topic is remarkable.

    Write a ton

    Your essay ought to be composed articulately however it comes at an expense and the expense is writing and writing a great deal. You want to work on writing about any topic, it would automatically make clarity in your writing style. For me, right away, it was a little troublesome, then, at that point, I took help from an academic writer. I requested that he write essay for me on my given topic. The essay was extremely elegantly composed that now I am basically equipped for writing on any given topic.

    Modern information

    This guideline is vital when you are writing an essay about current undertakings. You really want to get and add refreshed information with the goal that you can add a convincing analysis. The extraordinary analysis would help you to dazzle your teacher and it is just conceivable by picking a remarkable topic.

    Counter arguments

    Make a point to add a section of counter-arguments before the end passage. It would enhance the believability and legitimacy of your essay. However, its motivation ought to be to reinforce your arguments. Your educator would likewise know an alternate point of view about your topic and area of examination.


    Do not present your essay without editing or exploring first. Ordinarily, you cannot distinguish your slip-ups.

    Essays are meant to peruse

    You should realize that alongside your teacher, others may peruse your essay. Remember your crowd – it is the most ideal way to establish your vibe and writing style. You really want to draw in your crowd inventively with the goal that they do not get exhausted while perusing your essay.

    A relevant and convincing topic

    You should pick a topic that intrigues you the most so you do not lose interest while writing or looking for information. Your topic should be one of a kind from different thoughts previously winning in your group. You can employ a professional essay writer to recommend and write you an outstanding essay.

    Write with understanding

    The information in your essay ought not be too self-evident; for instance, you ought not write an essay on the advantages of fellowship. It is a conspicuous topic and everybody knows having companions is something worth being thankful for. Similarly, on the off chance that you do not have anything unique to write, then, at that point, you really want to change the topic immediately.

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  • Research Paper: A Basic Guide for Beginners

    Understudies dread only examination writing and I can tell that from my experience since I was once an understudy. Despite the fact that, when you get to know research writing, your dread disappears yet sometimes, one becomes weary of observing every one of the guidelines. I remember from my school insight, I never preferred to write essays, not to mention research papers. I’d track down ways of getting away and needed to request that my mom write my essay at whatever point there was an assignment. She didn’t see the value in my apprehension about research writing yet in addition, never said no in light of the fact that I think she realized I would fail.

    Tech Mahindra Image Based Essay Writing Tips

    Definitely, I understand, however, it’s not quite so unnerving as I suspected it would be once I attempted to get its hang. To learn, you are at the ideal locations.

    Times have changed and I am as of now not that individual who fears research papers or essays. Today, I might want to share some tips in regards to the design of the paper and to ensure you know how to pass on a message through writing.

    What are some of the important factors when you hear a word research essay or examination paper?

    Sentence structure and accentuation!!

    Indeed, that is correct on the grounds that both are a necessary piece of any exploration paper and a message cannot be passed on successfully assuming the paper is loaded up with linguistic mistakes. You will get a D on inadequately organized paper with syntactic blunders.

    Don’t stress, with little practice and learning, one can fix the ideas. The following are a couple of tips on accentuation and sentence structure that could take care of yourself with regards to writing.

    Separate among commas and semicolons

    You need to know the distinction among commas and semicolons to show that you know about the linguistic guidelines with regards to academic writing. Assuming that you blend commas in with semicolons, the message you want to pass on gets completely turned inside out too.

    The reason for right sentence structure is to make something more comprehensible by utilizing commas or semicolons. Use where comma must be utilized and the same goes with semicolons. Any essay writer would direct you better by giving you the sentence structure rules exhaustively. They may charge you some expense too. You realize comma is utilized for brief breaks and semicolon is utilized for a long break; change their places and perceive how the message gets wound.

    Use them where they should be!!

    Proper utilization of the Apostrophe:

    Many understudies utilize this very off-base and I can say that they use punctuations in the spot of accentuation marks. You should realize that punctuation is utilized for explicit and possessive withdrawals.

    For instance: My sweetheart’s telephone. It’s very muddled.

    Here I have shown two examples, one that shows the ownership of something (my sweetheart’s telephone) and different shows the constrictions (it’s instead of it is).

    I trust these examples have made it clear for you to understand the distinction between the two.

    Along these lines, utilize a punctuation where it’s fundamental.

    Know where to put quotes:

    This one is likewise a typical mix-up submitted by understudies. One thing you should remember is that it is off-base of you to utilize full stops or commas after quotes. To utilize it, use it before quotes, “I want to converse with the head,” she said. The commas and full stop go inside the citations mark and the rest go external quotes.

    Keep away from various accentuations toward the finish of a sentence:

    Another normal error that understudies do is the utilization of full stops after question marks. No, you can’t put a period after the question mark. It does not look great. It just shows the feeble handle of a writer over sentence structure. You can enlist a custom essay writing service to keep away from any mix-ups. You can have your essay looked at by a professional essay writer to keep away from linguistic blunders. You cannot utilize it even toward the finish of the shortened form. Along these lines, a solitary full stop does the trick. Here is another model for you.

    “I saw him going out for a run at 5:00 a.m.” The single full stop is for truncation and the meaning has not been distorted by the same token. There is no requirement for another full stop.

    Accentuation with brackets:

    In the event that you are writing a long sentence, the accentuation would be external the sections, regardless of whether the sentence is inside the bracket box.

    When to utilize a colon:

    You can utilize colon in the event that you expect to present a rundown. In the event that the sentence is fragmented, its use would be inappropriate. You need to ensure that the former sentence checks out before you add a colon. For instance:

    All understudies should follow SOPs protocols like veils, sanitizers, and keeping social separation.

    Inappropriate sentences will just befuddle the perusers.

    Okay, people, these are some of the guidelines that I wanted you all to remember. Memorize them, apply them to your writings, and consistently keep research paper rules to write a grounded and mistake free paper.

    Learn, commit errors, and don’t rehash that slip-up. This is my guidance for you since I want you all to flourish in the writing department.

    Best of luck!

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  • How to Write a Research Paper | A Beginner’s Guide

    Have you at any point use up all available time yet you have a paper to write? Or then again perhaps you didn’t remember the specific cutoff time and thought you actually had time? Each understudy goes through that to some extent once in his life. Understudy life is tough when understudies are concentrating just as doing low maintenance occupations. The present circumstance makes it difficult for them to do things appropriately and meeting cutoff times is one of them. This is the explanation some understudies depend on college essay writer since they don’t have the opportunity to plunk down and ponder what to write in research papers when anxiety is through the rooftop.

    I went through the same and I bet some of you are as yet going through it. I should let you know that it is a piece of understudy life and it’s generally expected, as it gives a growth opportunity

    Essay: Introduction, Types of Essays, Tips for Essay Writing, Questions

    All things considered, professional life isn’t easy. You will learn in this blog concerning how to write an exploration paper in time to get down to business. I will share the tips that I have learned through my experience.

    Presently, it’s time to get your espresso cups, notebooks, and pen since you are on a pleasant ride.

    I want to ensure that with these tips, you get nothing less except for An on the grounds that being on cutoff time does not mean low quality paper, so you don’t need to stress over that.

    At the point when I was in school, I never needed to stress over submitting papers before the cutoff time since school experience is not the same as college experience. Sometimes, I would simply request that my companion write my essay for me since I was not keen on writing. This doesn’t occur when you venture into college or at the postgraduate level. You need to move forward your game.

    Suppose you have 4-5 hours and you need to write a 5-10-page research paper and presently, stress is killing you.

    Most importantly, take a full breath since it’s doable in a short measure of time. Then, you should:

    Plan your time:

    You are now worried and extremely anxious with regards to this entire cutoff time thing. You may wanna jump into writing. Hang tight, you are being absurd since it will just give you a tough time. You need to consider a couple of factors before you start writing your examination paper.

    Designate time for your exploration, aggregating information, and at long last formatting the paper and editing. This is important in light of the fact that any other way, things could turn out badly and you don’t want to do that since you are now on time to get down to business.

    Basically you should have one hour for research, two hours for arrangement of information, and one hour for formatting and editing.

    It’s just plain obvious, I have as of now made it simpler for you.

    Write your postulation and presentation

    Both are important, yet the proposal is more important as it gives the fundamental plan to your paper. Ponder the manners in which you can write your postulation. Kindly remember, don’t involve colorful writing for the proposal, be compact, and utilize straightforward words.

    Do your exploration

    Whatever the topic is, before doing explore, write down what you know and what you want to say. This can be your presentation; create a proposition statement a while later. It’s time to do the leftover examination about the topic.

    You want to exhibit the information that you have understood by doing that exploration. Use Google to investigate the topic. Utilize the primary catchphrase and the subtopic watchword to expand your point of view. Write down important focuses, feature key realities and imprint the references.

    Write draft

    Since you have finished your exploration, it’s time to write a draft since you want to write down all that you have understood and memorized. You can expand on it later on the whole; the primary thought must be poured onto the paper.

    You can request that anyone help you with the draft assuming you experience difficulty writing the draft or in light of the fact that you are on time to get down to business. Take help from an essay writer free and they help you with the draft while you do the rest of the work. it may save you some time, however, it is best you do it yourself.

    Body sections

    As you have effectively composed your draft, expanding on body passages won’t be that troublesome, however ensure you start your body sections with topic sentences. Allude back to your proposal for this.

    Enjoy some time off

    Using up all available time does mean you cannot have some time off. Require a five-minute break to quiet your nerves. Take full breaths and drink water. This will help you think better.

    Make an end

    You are done with body passages and presently time to write a meaningful end would give the perusers a bring home message. This must be done inside the two hours that you have assigned for allotment.


    It’s time to edit the paper. Run your paper through syntax checking programming for linguistic errors and then, at that point, read the paper once more, eliminate superfluous subtleties and include important focuses.

    Format the paper

    Presently you have one hour left, you have gone through 30 minutes editing your paper. The excess 30 minutes must be with regards to the format of the paper. Check the format and ensure you have formatted it as indicated by the rules.


    Congrats, you got it done yet you need to investigate the paper and perceive how it’s looking. You need to ensure that it’s looking right.


    The last advance is the accommodation of your examination paper. At last, the moment has shown up when you need to present this paper. Ensure you present your paper 10-20 minutes sooner on the grounds that sometimes, the framework separates and it becomes more enthusiastically to present the paper on time.

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  • Heading: the ultimate guide to writing an annotated bibliography in APA format

    I bet some of you are familiar with annotations or you might have received an assignment that requires you to find the sources on a particular topic and then, make annotations for these sources. If you haven’t understood, there is nothing to worry about because I will walk you through the entire process. Before diving into annotated bibliography, you have to understand its basics first and that includes the definition of annotations. I always had to rely on an essay writer when it required me to make annotations. I never learned how to do annotations properly in college.

    An annotated bibliography is a list of sources such as websites, books, article journals, and other sources that you are going to use to complete your research papers. You have to evaluate your source and write a summary about it.

    Formal Essay: Definition & Examples - Video & Lesson Transcript | Study.com

    An annotated bibliography is either a part of a research project or a report in itself.

    There are two kinds of annotations.

    Summary annotations require writing a summary about the source and its author, what it says and what the documents contain, why and how it was produced and how it is accessible to the public.

    Evaluation annotation is the type of annotation that you write a summary on but also evaluate the source to check the relevancy, authority, accuracy, and quality of the source. It helps you understand the topic as well as the analysis of it.

    You can easily develop a thesis if you know how to evaluate a source.

    I was the type of student who never had to work on annotations or essays because I would always rely on essay writer online to write my essay or even do annotations for me. You guys should learn the basics of annotations and not make the same mistake as me.

    The style of the paper also matters when you make a list that is either in MLA or APA depending on the type of document.  The Work Cited is for MLA and the Reference list is for APA.

    You have to understand the difference between these two.

    However, we are concerned with APA here so let’s talk about annotations in APA format. It is not that difficult, the only thing that matters is the year and placement of the name of the author and publication.         

    In APA, you have to format your paper according to APA guidelines. Some websites can provide you detailed guidelines, here we only talk about basics.          

    In APA, you must follow these rules:

    •         Your paper should have 1-inch margins around the page.
    •         Double spacing
    •         The title should be in bold and centered. For example, “Annotated Bibliography
    •         References are always organized alphabetically by the first word on each reference.
    •         The first line of reference is placed at the left margin while the rest of the lines after the first line, from left, are indented ½ inch.
    •         Annotations are added from the next line after the paired reference.
    •         Annotations are always precise; always keep them restricted to one paragraph only.

    These are basic APA rules that you have to follow to ensure that you are formatting in the right format.

    The reference list is placed above and you have to write annotations below.


    Smith, Jackson (2018). The elements of annotated bibliography: rules in academics for students. Google books.

    This is just an example to help you understand how to format the annotated bibliography in APA.

    This link will be placed at the top after the title and you will write annotations from the next line. If you still don’t understand the guidelines, you can hire an essay writing service and they can guide you better about the formatting and style of the paper. They will charge you a small fee for the samples that they are going to provide you.

    One more thing that you need to remember is that annotations are different from the abstract. The abstract is the entire crux of your paper. You have to include your research question, methodology, and findings in the abstract.

    On the other hand, the annotation is the evaluation of the source or summary. You have to analyze the source as I have mentioned earlier.

    How to write an annotation?

    You have to follow these simple rules:

    Select your topic:

    Students are either provided the topic or given a choice to select a topic. Pick a topic that interests you in case of open choice. Research about it and see what you know already and what you need to understand in detail.

    Pick a source:

    The next step involves picking a source; you must pick a credible source. Google Scholar or any other database can help you with that. Also, make sure that you choose a source that provides a broad perspective.

    Write Citation:

    You have to write citations first and write annotations later. The citation is always written at the top. Make sure that you follow the format such as APA, Harvard, MLA, AMA, or any other.

    In the case of annotations, you don’t have to add references as you are already mentioning your source at the top.

    Write the annotation:

    Now that you have everything, it is time to write annotations. You have to ensure that you know beforehand the type of annotation you are writing. Either it could be analytical or descriptive.

    You have to keep in mind the aim, relevancy, accuracy, target audience, biases, strengths, and credibility of the source and provide insight concerning those.

    That’s it. I hope you have a basic understanding of annotated bibliography.           

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